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Hi guys ! It’s wednesday and wednesday means tips, guides and everything in between. Today’s post will be solely dedicated to finding a vegetarian restaurant. I know for some of you this might be pretty easy, a no-brainer, but as I was traveling recently out of “a big city”, and we had no kitchen and our only way to eat was “out”, I remembered the first struggles I used to have as a vegetarian when I did the change. 

I am going to go from very basic tips to some that I have recently discovered and that I truly recommend because they are actively making my life easier, specially when looking for “new restaurants”. 

I love going out, I love trying out new things and the first thing I considered when going vegetarian was : Is my restaurant life going to be affected ? and are the outings with my boyfriend going to be affected as well? Short answer: No, not really and long answer: well, it was not affected, but it did require a change of mindset and a bit more “discovering” of restaurants !

What were the things I did to find my “veggie restaurants” ?

1. Google, ecosia or whatever search engine you use

They are your friends and honestly, you will find many blogs that talk about the “must” vegetarian or vegan restaurants in whatever town you go to. It does not matter how small the town is, you will find at least someone who will have already asked the same question as you. Obviously, the amount of sources you will have available will depend on the town. It’s not the same to look for vegetarian restaurants in Paris than to look for them in some small town in France. 

2. Apps, apps, apps !

Apps are also your friends. Really. There are many apps out there that can track vegetarian restaurants (mostly in the US), but recently I’ve discovered this app and it has changed my life ! It’s called “HAPPY COW” (you can find it both in Google store and IOS), and it’s so great. There’s also a web version available. Happy cow will help you find vegetarian, vegan or restaurants with some veggie friendly options near to you. It works flawlessly. When traveling it’s really helpful. You can filter results according to price, location, type (restaurant, store, coffee shop,…) etc.

3. Tripadvisor

Tripadvisor. In the same way as google and Happy Cow, trip advisor is my go-to to find new restaurants and usually it’s indicated whether it’s “vegetarian friendly” or not. It also includes “vegetarian/vegan” restaurant section in some cases. 

4. Ask your friends, family, people you know !

Unconventional tip but: ask people you know that have already been there or that are there! I was in Japan 5 years ago but I could still give some tips on where to find vegetarian ramen or other traditional meals. I was just in Strasbourg and I asked my friends if they knew some traditional yet vegetarian options that I had to try and they did tell me some restaurants (unluckily for me, they were closed when I went but I had somewhere to start!)

5. Blogs

In the same line as trip advisor, google and apps, there are blogs. Time out is a great source of restaurants and they do feature a lot of vegetarian/vegan ones. There also blogs of locals, I for instance, don’t focus mainly on restaurants but I do have a large selection of vegetarian restaurants in Paris and will start sharing my experiences in them soon. I know the places to go and places to avoid, but there are many blogs out there who have been writing for longer than I have and who have excellent tips & restaurants (Marion a découvert, Blog Matcha, old but still relevant “hip paris” post, My parisian life has a good repertoire as well, …)

6. And of course, even though it’s a sub-section of 5, tofucado !

I haven’t officially shared any reviews of restaurants that I have tried since tofucado has been more active but I will start soon (next wednesday, actually!). I will go to a vegetarian restaurant this saturday to celebrate the birthday of my sister in law and I will report back to you guys. This restaurant and today’s post inaugurate the “Tofucado’s Paris restaurant guide!” which will be available on the blog’s menu (top right corner).

That’s all for today, next week you will get the second part of today’s blog with the first restaurant post of tofucado ! But before you go, what do you usually do when looking for restaurants in a town you are going to ? Do you do any of the things I mentioned? Do you know any other app ? Tell me in the comments section and have a nice day!

Featured photo by Marek Rucinski on Unsplash

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