Welcoming 2020: Goals and tofucado news

Planner, phone, photography and stationary to plan 2020

Hello 2020, yes! A new year, a new opportunity and all that blabla that always comes with the first of January and following days. A new year is always a great way to start again, to plan and re-plan all those goals you set in 2019 and it’s a great way to “start clean, fresh”, like all the things that weren’t done last year never happened. A thing you should know about me is that I love planning, and setting goals. More often than I wish to admit, these goals are really hard to achieve, but sometimes I do succeed in some way or another and it feels great. In 2020, I have many great ideas and many goals in mind, but specially even more for tofucado. So, what are my 2020 tofucado goals?

After having failed at succeeding with my goals and resolutions, I kinda learned that its best to focus on few goals and make them happen. That’s why I don’t have an endless list of goals, but rather 2 main goals and some smaller, extra bonus goals in my list.

2020 tofucado goals: Meal plans

I started tofucado as a way of sharing my vegetarian meal plans (as I do meal prep a lot) and in 2020 I want to continue with that intention. I have a lot of ideas on how to develop this meal plan content, and while I finish off the last touches of it, you can check out my first posts on meal prep and budgeting that were published in 2019.

Mason jars for the 2020 tofucado goals
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2020 tofucado goals: Introduce more vegan recipes

I have no plans of turning vegan any time soon but I do want to explore more vegan ways of cooking and share some of my already existing vegan recipes. Learning more vegan cooking will not only be great to me, but it will also mean I can share more vegan content and be more sustainable in regards to the environment!

Other 2020 tofucado goals:

More zero waste cooking

Kinda in link with the vegan cooking, I want to be more responsible with my ways of cooking but I want to take small steps. Paris isn’t a very zero waste friendly city and most zero waste alternatives are extremely above my budget. I will try to find alternatives and also cheaper ways to still engage in a zero waste cooking and kitchen!

Bag holding groceries 2020 tofucado goals

Work on some side-project for tofucado

I cannot talk more about this because it is still in process and I haven’t fully finished working on the basis of this project, but be sure to subscribe to my tofucado newsletter. You will be the first to find out the first details of this side-project! (It is food related, it is free and you guys will love it!)

Take care of my french readers

As most of you might know, I am based in Paris and a lot of my readers are french and thus speak french. I will introduce a new feature in my recipes that will help my french readers with my recipes. So if English is not your forte, you will still be able to read my recipes in french.

I hope 2020 treats all of you well, and see you next time, with a brand new recipe!

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