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Portobello mushroom burger close up

Burger and fries is the perfect combo for a friday, saturday, sunday or honestly, any night. It is also good to have them for lunch (which is what I did) but for whatever reason, they feel better when you eat them when it is nightime. The competition of burger restaurants in Paris is huge and honestly, it is hard to choose only one place, and PNY burger will be the first Paris burger restaurant review to join my list. They have 6 different locations in Paris, and one of them was – luckily for me – close to my job, and so we went there last friday to say farewell to a colleague of ours.

We went to the most recent location: PNY Gaité. It is right next to the Montparnasse station and very easy to find from there . They opened like a week ago so we were one of the “first” customers. I wasn’t alone so I did not take a lot of pictures of the food, plus we were a big group so it would have taken me ages to take pictures of everything. Now, get your tummies ready because it’s about to get tasty with tofucado’s first Paris burger restaurant review!

Picture by PNY Burger

Burgers at PNY

PNY Burger has a very wide choice of burgers with two veggie friendly burgers (one of them is vegan!). They also offer you the possibility of switching the non-veggie friendly burger patties for a beyond meat patty (for a supplement of 2.9€, which I found a bit too pricey).

They have a weekly lunch menu for 16.9€ (Burger, sides and soft drink). Sides include french fries, sweet potato fries, loaded fries, salad and cream fries. Beware though, if you order something other than “french fries or salad” for the lunch menu, it will be more than 16.9€. I paid 17.40€ for burger, sweet potato fries and soft drink.

The service was a bit longer than expected but they offered us two nacho bowls to make up for the wait (and we were hungry, so we were reallly happy to see that bowl of nachos in front of us).


The nachos were very crunchy and not that oily, which I was grateful for. There were three dips coming with the nachos: guacamole (Delicious, would have liked a bit more spiciness to it! it was a bit bland), sour cream (I think it was homemade because it had a distinct taste to it and I would just go back there for that sour cream), and pico de gallo with very natural strong flavors.

The nacho technique – as I will start calling it now every time this happens in a restaurant – was a great move. We were getting a bit tense, and we all had work appointments in less than an hour. Time was ticking but once we had finished the nachos, the burgers were ready and they were, to my expectations, awesome.

My first experience with a portobello patty

My tummy had been complaining about food for some hours and I think I ate the nachos too quickly. Still, I enjoyed the burger and next time I will be avoiding having nachos before it (unless they are a gift again!).

The burger was the “vegetarian one” (ATOMIC BURGER). It had: Panko fried portobello mushroom, sauce PNY (their own BBQ sauce), and cheddar cheese. Yes, I know the ingredient list seems “basic” and short, but the flavors really got along well and the portobello patty was juicy and super flavorful (I’m still drooling about it). The burger itself is 12,5€.

I ordered a side of sweet potato fries because they are (/unpopularopinion) so much better than normal fries. When you mix them with some ketchup or BBQ sauce it is a match made in heaven. The fries were cooked to perfection, super crunchy and thanks to the gods out there, none of them were soggy. The sweet potato fries cost 4,5€.

My colleagues ordered different burgers and they were all pretty satisfied like I was. The atomic burger – my burger – was the most successful one as three of us ordred it! Even non-vegetarians loved it as much as I did.

Even though the main interest of PNY burger are their burger and fries combo, they also offer starters, like the nacho bowl (around 8€), and desserts (around 8€). A full meal here (starter to share, burger, fries and dessert) would cost you around 30€ without counting the drinks.

Paris Burger Review: The verdict

I had heard many things about PNY burger before going there last week, mostly because they are one of the few places in Paris where they have the Beyond Meat option (yes, I did not go for it but again, 2.9€ is a bit too much when you are already paying 17€). Beyond meat or not, I was left with a full and happy tummy – maybe too full this time – but nonetheless satisfied.

Food quality: 7.5/10

Servie quality: 7/10

Price: €€-€€€

For my first Paris burger restaurant review, I have to say I am not disappointed. Even if it was a bit pricey, the meal was still delicious. I will be coming back to try the beyond meat burger, to my wallet’s disagreement. I give it a solid 7 out of 10.

Practical information

Where? 15 Rue de la Gaité, 75014.

When? Open 7/7 12h-15h Weekend: 16ᴴ / 19ᴴ-23ᴴ30

More info: Website

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