Most popular tofucado recipes of 2019

Most popular recipes of 2019

2019 is reaching its end and that means that some reviewing is due. I love end of years because I like going back to the main events, what was great, what I did, what I accomplished. It is also because I see it as an opportunity to reflect on what went wrong, and what can be improved in the following year. 2019 has been particularly nice to me and tofucado has been a great part of it. Because of that, I want to recap the most popular recipes of 2019, the ones that you guys liked the most and came back to check them out again!

Most popular recipe of 2019: Korean Mandu and Kimchi Stew recipe

Close up of the mandu and kimchi stew recipe

This was a huge hit (in the blog and to me) and I made it several times after publishing it. No wonder you also enjoyed the heck out of it.

Check out the recipe here

#2 Japanese Spicy Vegetabe Curry recipe

Japanese Spicy Vegetable Curry

One of my first recipes ever posted in tofucado and a success! You truly enjoyed how easy and delicious this recipe was, and I’m so glad because it is an important recipe to me.

Check out the recipe here

#3 Easy Bean Quesadillas and Spicy Salsa recipe

Close up of the salsa and the quesadillas

This quesadilla was a wild success. My SO loved it, I loved it and you guys adored it! It was also one of the easiest recipes to be ever featured in tofucado.

Check out the recipe here

#4 White Bean Tomato Soup recipe (Instant Pot)

Focus of two bowls of white bean tomato soup

I wasn’t the proudest of this recipe. The pictures didn’t look too great and it looked very similar to the chickpea stew recipe. To my surprise, it became a hit and I couldn’t avoid the fact that it should be featured here.

Check out the recipe here

#5 Creamy Vegan One Pot Pasta recipe

Creamy Vegan One Pot Pasta

My best friend suggested me this recipe for so long that it actually became a joke between us. Since it has been published, the one pot pasta has been a success and a great, healthy alternative that I discovered. Win-win.

Check out the recipe here

#6 Easy Primavera Veggie Pizza Recipe

This veggie pizza was the best for a movie night and every time I look at it I think about it. Definitely a crowd-pleaser and it logically appears in the most popular recipes of 2019.

Check out the recipe here

A recap of the most popular recipes of 2019

The most popular recipes are the latest ones and it is most likely because my pictures improved a lot since august and because I got better at writing my recipes. I’m continuing to work on these two aspects, but I also wanna try different things (I will talk more about this on the post I’m working on for the first wednesday of 2020).

I also want to hear from you. I want to know what type of recipes you would like to see here more often! Do you want me to feature more traditional recipes? Healthier ones? More vegan challenges? What type of food tip do you want to see featured here? Spices? Sauces?

You can answer in the poll below, I have a lot of content in mind for the first months of 2020 but I want to hear from you !

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And now, I got to be that person and say: see you next year ! (Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter!)

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