I try making homemade vegan pretzels

I wanted to try something different for today’s post. We are soon reaching the first anniversary of tofucado and I’m super proud of everything I managed to accomplish for a full year. And I thought, why not have some fun today? Which is why today instead of showing the traditional look my recipe post, I show you more of a “ok I tried making a recipe and this is what I did”. And the result is: homemade vegan pretzels !

As per usual for saturdays, recipe video below ! Watch me try to make some pretzels.


Alright for the ingredients I went basic:

  • Flour
  • Active dry yeast
  • Butter (vegan)
  • Salt
  • Water
  • Milk (vegan, I used soy milk)
  • Baking soda

How I manage to have some decent looking homemade vegan pretzels

I have seen many seasons of the Great British Bake Off, some of them even rewatched. I can follow a recipe but I wanted to go at it myself and see the result just by being inspired by everything I had watched.

So what I did was mix the wet ingredients (water, milk) and melt the yeast in them. Then I mixed the dry ingredients (salt, flour) with the butter (that i melted). I did the classic “hole in the middle” and poured the butter in it. Then I mixed the wet with the dry. And just mixed the dough till it was smooth.

Then I left my dough to proof a bit until it doubled in size.

X4 ON YOUR MARKS GET SET BAKE! The Great British Bake Off! - The ...

When it doubled in size, I knead the dough, cut it in 5 pieces and start shaping my beautiful pretzels. I have eaten many pretzels in my life, but shaping them didn’t seem so easy. I did check at a picture of a pretzel to remind myself “what do they even look like?” and then I was set to go.

I then bathed my pretzels in a water + baking soda mix and they were ready to go in the oven. I made my biggest mistake here: I was soooo excited about the way they looked that I just completely forgot to:

  1. Let my pretzels dry after their bath
  2. Apply some vegan eggwash on top

Which all turned out to just make them look less golden, but taste wise it was still super good.

After 20 minutes at 220ºC in the oven, my pretzels were looking kinda good. And super soft, super delicious, oh my god I want to eat them again.

The result

Okay so I was pretty much impressed by the fact that I could pull out something decent looking. I am not the best baker out there (yet !) and I know what things I should improve here and there with this recipe but I’m happy and it was fun to do.

I will try again doing the full recipe and I will properly update this post + add the recipe at the end. If you do want the full recipe & measurements, do tell me and I’ll update the post with the “not so successful outcome” step-by-step recipe.

If you want to check similar attempts (in which I succeded because I was properly following the recipes) :

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