Announcement: Vegetarian meal prep guide

I started tofucado a long time ago and I never thought I would ever reach anything closer to 10 publications. Today, even though the number will seem ridiculous for bloggers who have been doing this for years, tofucado reaches 50 publications. It is a huge deal to me because I have been fighting against my perfectionism, my fear of doing things and not succeeding for way too long. Tofucado is my way of fighting that off. It does not mean I am perfectly cured and that having a food blog has made me realise how perfect I am (It is far from that). But it has made me appreciate my work, and the fact that not everything has to be polished and perfect. And I want to celebrate this small victory with all of you by announcing my own vegetarian meal prep guide.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Tofucado’s vegetarian meal prep guide

What is this all about? Well, tofucado’s main purpose was meal prep and while I still do publish recipes & my best tips about that, I wanted to make a whole publication about it. That is how the idea of a pdf version of a meal prep guide happened. The guide is still taking shape, and I am currently working on it and you know, making it all good before it can see the light. However, I still wanted to share this news on this very special occasion and tease you all about it in the meantime!

What does the guide contain?

The guide will be divided into different sections, but the main part will be all about recipes. I plan on sharing some recipes that have already been published here, but also some brand new recipes that you guys can use to help and inspire yourself to meal prep!

Other sections will include resources (because I am no expert and there are many other people out there who have covered this amazing subject), supplies and general tips.

How will the vegetarian meal prep guide be available? How to get it?

The guide will be available as a PDF. I obviously won’t go through the whole ordeal of self-publishing it as an actual sellable guide because a) this is a great thing to share with all of you for free, just because you are here and b) I don’t have the time right now to get into this path.

All of this being said, the guide will be shared to my newsletter subscribers (those who are already subscribed, and those who will subscribe in the meantime). The casual reader will get a summary of the guide on tofucado, but if you want to get the whole thing, you are more than welcome to join the newsletter and get it!

If you want to subscribe to the newsletter and get all the news about this guide, you can do it here!

Tofucado is a lot of work, and a lot of passion, but it is also thanks to you and your support. So I guess this is the part where I say thank you, and see you next time !

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