About tofucado

Hi, I’m Meri and I’m the person behind tofucado! I’m glad you found my little corned on the internet, filled with food and everything else I like.

Tofucado is tofu and avocado madness. Two of my favorite ingredients to work with, and also, the best source of protein for us vegetarians (and vegans). Tofucado was born many years ago but it never really took shape until recently.

At tofucado you will find anything from comfort food recipes to healthier ones. Meal plans and Instant Pot madness. Tofucado also travels and reviews restaurants everywhere she goes, so there is also that!

Tofucado is 90% food, but there are also some scrambles (Scrambled tofucados) where I just talk about other things I like about my life: productivity, pop culture, and languages.

I hope you enjoy the stay and if you do, do not hesitate to subscribe to my newsletter!